The purpose of Esbjerg Petroleum & Renewables Club is to enhance the technical knowledge of its members through meetings and technical presentations conducted by internal, external and international lecturers.
The arrangements of Esbjerg Petroleum & Renewables Club shall predominantly have a business and professional relevance for all members, suppliers as well as clients, operating in the related industries.
Esbjerg Petroleum & Renewables Club will continuously keep you updated with events, news and relevant information from the related industries.


Membership to EP&RC. Esbjerg Petroleum & Renewables Club may be granted to leading representatives from firms connected with the related industries. Membership may be granted by application to the Board. An application for membership can only be approved by the Board if proposed by two members of the Club. 
Normally only three representatives will be granted membership from each firm. For larger firms, however, additional members may be approved at the discretion of the Board. Private membership may be granted to persons not representing their firm. The conditions for private memberships are, however, identical to those for firm representatives.
The Board will accept or reject applications for memberships by a single majority. An applicant will only be informed about the outcome of the voting by the Board as each board-member’s voting is treated confidentially.

Esbjerg Petroleum & Renewables Club has approx. 300 members.

Upcoming events & Technical Lectures