The evening began with a "get-together" bar, where the 110 participants had the opportunity to network with eachother. Hereafter the Technical Lecture began, and Mr. Carsten Vittrup presented an introduction to Energinet - a corporation.. Læs mere


The annual celebration in ER&PC was conducted under the same topic as last year: “Gourmet Party”. This year we had invited 4 star chefs: Tommy Friis, Henrik Houborg, Rasmus Errebo and Jacob Justensen. The welcome took place in the.. Læs mere


A total of 119 people anticipated when Mr. Ole Hansen, Development, Business & JV Manager for Total EP Denmark spoke about future perspectives for the company. 

Ole Hansen told about how the company is committed to create better.. Læs mere


The annual golf tournament was held in beautiful surroundings at Esbjerg Golf Club. The golfing members played their tournament on Marbæk golf course and the non-golfing members competed on the par 3 course after receiving introduction by a.. Læs mere